Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birding for the Kitties

One of the reasons I have been even more motivated recently to help out the wildlife is because of my own little wild critters.

Nikita (my kitty, aka Princess Guido) checking out this new toy that I got for Christmas.

Buttons (hubby's cat, aka Bobblehead) - she's the shy one (and no, I wasn't that close when I took the picture - I was testing the 18x zoom on my new camera)...

Aren't they cuuuttteeee??? No, I don't let them go outside (other than on a leash). I strongly believe cats should stay indoors (both for their health and for the health of our songbirds and field mice) and be thoroughly pampered. I have set up a kitty tree by the dining room window where they spend hours watching the birds feed.

It is so much fun to watch them catch a glimpse of a darting little ball of feathers and go into stalk mode (only to be stuck at the window - yes, I know, poor kitties - but don't worry - we give them lots of toys to stalk and take out their frustrations on). The bird feeding areas definitely give them hours of entertainment!

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