Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Storm Approaching

A winter storm is approaching our city and the forecast calls for anywhere from a dusting/1" to as much as 5" of snow (and maybe more if lake effect kicks in), depending on which side of the city you're on. I'm currently at my mom's (who is in the 5" range) but my house is only supposed to get an inch or two.

As a gardener, I want all the snow I can get, so it will protect my garden plants and provide moisture. As a homeowner, I'm a little less than thrilled about the shoveling. As a birdwatcher, I'm excited because I know this means there will be a lot of activity at my feeders this weekend but I'm also a little concerned about the safety of my feathered friends. I always put out a little extra feed right before a storm when the birds are often in a flurry of pigging out and a little extra feed after the snow is done falling.

We've already had about 10 inches of snow during the last month, which is a little high for our area. It had already melted away though, so I don't mind a little more coming. I like my winter to last from about Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day. Any longer and I am chomping at the bit to get out and play in the garden. Unfortunately, living in Chicago, winter rarely is done so early (though you never believe it's over until Mother's Day no matter what, because freak late season storms do pop up every so often.

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