Sunday, December 30, 2007

Not much snow for us....

Well the storm passed through Friday and didn't leave us a lot of snow behind. My backyard was a flurry of activity this weekend. Especially popular has been a large platform feeder that I keep stocked with sunflower seeds and a ground level heated birdbath. Those two items have been holding 5-10 birds at a time, quite often. If someone were just starting out with feeders, I would definitely consider those items being top choice.

Other feeders that I have out are thistle feeders (holding nyger seed - an imported daisy type flower which is heat treated to prevent germination - it's NOT the wild weedy thistles people think of), suet feeders, and peanut/woodpecker mix. These are also fairly popular.

Ultimately my goal is to have so many natural feeders (i.e. plants and shrubs to provide berries, nuts, seeds, etc.) that I won't even need as many feeders - even in the winter! But I'm not at that point yet, so I use bird feeders to encourage the wildlife to visit my yard.

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